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Batgirl Has The Most Fun Ever!

A second Batgirl drawing - by special request!

Also, this is pretty damn great, too!


Ah! Ah! Ah! Bob Carolgees! Celebrity Squares! Spitings the Dog! Ah! Ah! Ah! 

Learn more about this awesome dude here! http://mombcomics.com/2014/07/18/mombcast-247/

Wankula is the odd breakout hit of the MOMBcast, and this ace art of him by the wonderful Peter Hammerson just totally made our day.

Totally gorgeous Futurama art by Alexey Zakharov.
More on his Behance page.


Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, by Hayao Miyazaki.

Totally, totally beautiful.



Injustice Gods Among Us - Year Two #15


God out of all the Injustice stuff, the byplay between Harley and Dinah are pure gold.

Not reading any DC books at the moment, but every time Harley/Dinah pages find their way in front of my eyes, I think they’re pretty much great. Who wrote/drew this?

(via imdeadpoolsgirl)

Totally gorgeous fan-made Futurama 3D rendered test shot, by Alexey Zakharov.
More on his Behance page.

Enki Bilal - Star Wars Visions


(via brianmichaelbendis)

Doctor Strange by kevin wada

(via brianmichaelbendis)

Comic readers: If the first 21 issues of a comic that you are paying actual money for and reading with your actual eyes using your actual time just continuously, incrementally, persistently make you unhappy, than there is definitely a lesson to be taken from it.

But it may not be the lesson you think you’re taking from it. And it’s probably one you shouldn’t have needed to be taught 21 times before you acted on it.

That may say more about you than it does about the comic.


Bill Sienkiewicz 1985-1987: Selections from Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe

Jeez, remember when Marvel and DC would let Bill Sienkiewicz loose on almost ANYTHING?

Black Canary by Bruce Timm

Black Canary by Bruce Timm

Batman by Stuart Sayger


A lot of people asked to see this at London Super Comic Con this weekend, so here’s a very hastily stitched together version to tide people over until I can go through and clean up the scan a bit and match the pieces up a bit neater

Selina Kyle by Lorena Carvalho

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