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Posts tagged Lee Barnett

Any look at message boards over the past few months repeatedly confirms the above point of view; Before Watchmen, companies asserting pre-existing rights over characters, the never-ending debate about the respective merits of creator owned vs. work for hire. No matter; in every case, the deal seems to be that that you’re obliged pick your side and stick to it no matter what new information is revealed or highlighted. And those who disagree with you are somehow less because they disagree, no matter the reasons or personal knowledge of the details for that disagreement.

Why do we need goodies and baddies in the real world? For ease. To make it simple for us. To save us from having to think too hard.

The Adult In The Room – A New Column By Lee Barnett @ Bleeding Cool

Budgie kicks out the jams on the first outing of his new column. Nice!