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#Twittercomic2012 Open Call For Ideas 

In November 2011, over 12 hours David Wynne and our friends on Twitter helped us create an amazing Twittercomic, the likes of which this world had only almost kinda seen before.

And will now see AGAIN. David is visiting us here in fragrant Southampton in a couple of weeks to do a 24 hour comic, and we’re taking ideas for it NOW!

Go to the link to find out about last year’s comic, and get involved with #TwitterComic2012! Or just watch! That’s a choice too!

#Twittercomic2011 is underway!

The Twittercomic is a live event, happening RIGHT NOW, in which YOU can help US make a comic!

Drawthor extraordinary David Wynne is feverishly working away AS YOU READ THIS on pages and panels of the comic, based on ideas Tweeted at @MOMBcomics by YOU!

(Well, maybe not you just yet, but get ON that, yeah?)

Follow along the fun at MOMBcomics.com, or by following @MOMBcomics on Twitter, and please tell everyone you know about it! THIS IS HUGE!

(Oh, and any questions, just ask, yeah?)