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Posts tagged comic panels


A panel of my Art from The Graveyard Book @neilhimself @pcraigrussell #penandinkonpaper #dancingiscool


Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, by Hayao Miyazaki.

Totally, totally beautiful.



Injustice Gods Among Us - Year Two #15


God out of all the Injustice stuff, the byplay between Harley and Dinah are pure gold.

Not reading any DC books at the moment, but every time Harley/Dinah pages find their way in front of my eyes, I think they’re pretty much great. Who wrote/drew this?

(via imdeadpoolsgirl)

Couple of great panels from Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #64 (1984). Written by Bill Mantlo, art by Ed Hannigan & Jim Mooney.

(I love the way Hannigan & Mooney draw the long shots of characters in this issue, like these Spideys and Cloak and Dagger, whose first appearances are in this issue.)

Aww, Benjy!

Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. LOVE Kirby’s Ben Grimm.


Back Off Creeps, He’s Sensitive!

You’ve got to feel for poor Sensitive Klegg, he saved the life of ‘Wally Squad's finest, helped prevent the assassinations of countless other undercover Judges, as well as having a major hand - or claw - in averting the annihilation of Mega-City One from evil corporation, Overdrive Inc., by destroying their God-City, Luna-2.

Although he received a commendation for his bravery from Mega-City One, settling in the city has proved more problematic. Universally hated and feared from a frankly ungrateful populace, it seems the Big Meg is just not ready to accept the ten-foot man-crocodile, from a race of genocidal alien mercenaries!

Unsuccesful attempts at employment, and speed-dating, whilst dodging intermittently ‘accidental’ falling pieces of heavy furniture, have left Sensitive Klegg feeling decidely disillusioned and unwanted.

In the depths of despair our lonely soul, retires to his cramped, but empty apartment, and with a single crocodile tear sliding down his scaly face, removes his necktie, loops it over a ceiling beam and prepares to end his miserable existence..

However, fate intervenes when his vid-phone buzzes, could this be someone reaching out to him, offering employment opportunities or perhaps a new friendship?

Alas, no, in a twisted act of irony - it is in fact a message from the notorious Hunter’s Club Of Mega-City One, and Sensitive Klegg has been chosen as their next victim! Before the Klegg can even react, he is thrown across the room by a blast, landing in a heap of twisted metal…

Don’t miss next week’s Thrill-powered installment, and find out what’s in store for our unfortunate hero, in

The Heart Is A Lonely Klegg Hunter - Rob Williams (w). Chris Weston (a)

As mentioned on this week’s MOMBcast.


Mercy (Vertigo Comics - January 1993)

Writer: J.M. DeMatteis
Illustrator: Paul Johnson

The short period we had Paul Johnson in comics were pretty pretty.

I still have two questions, Spider-Man.

Hah, excellent.

I still have two questions, Spider-Man.

Hah, excellent.

(via imdeadpoolsgirl)

Winter Blues by madeleine flores

Winter Blues by madeleine flores

"The View From The Hill" - a Beasts Of Burden story by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson.

This is doing the rounds, which is good because this comic is amazing. Reposted with creator credits, because credit is important you guys!

Township by Ray Bruwelheide

This is beautiful and sad.


Power Pack did it.

(Power Pack created by Louise Simonson & June Brigman. This by Simonson, Brigman and Bob Wiacek. Just noticed that an early promo for Power Pack said “created by Louise Simonson and June Brigman”, which is pretty cool.)


From Enigma, this is one of my favourite sequences in comics. In terms of its use of word and image to deliver its effect, it’s vertiginous. 

(No pun intended. You just feel the world fall away here.)

I’m trying to work out a way to describe ENIGMA that doesn’t sound like faint praise. “Greatest Underappreciated Work in its genre” isn’t enough. A personal “Top 5 comics in its genre” is too mealy mouthed.

Of all the work that Vertigo put out in its nineties imperial phase, I think Enigma was the finest.

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