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Posts tagged comic panels
Winter Blues by madeleine flores

Winter Blues by madeleine flores

"The View From The Hill" - a Beasts Of Burden story by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson.

This is doing the rounds, which is good because this comic is amazing. Reposted with creator credits, because credit is important you guys!

Township by Ray Bruwelheide

This is beautiful and sad.


Power Pack did it.

(Power Pack created by Louise Simonson & June Brigman. This by Simonson, Brigman and Bob Wiacek. Just noticed that an early promo for Power Pack said “created by Louise Simonson and June Brigman”, which is pretty cool.)


From Enigma, this is one of my favourite sequences in comics. In terms of its use of word and image to deliver its effect, it’s vertiginous. 

(No pun intended. You just feel the world fall away here.)

I’m trying to work out a way to describe ENIGMA that doesn’t sound like faint praise. “Greatest Underappreciated Work in its genre” isn’t enough. A personal “Top 5 comics in its genre” is too mealy mouthed.

Of all the work that Vertigo put out in its nineties imperial phase, I think Enigma was the finest.

"Will that relieve this strange pressure..?"

Page from Miracleman #1 by Alan Moore and Garry Leach. Published by Eclipse Comics.

(via brianmichaelbendis)

Spider-man vs Scorpion. This is one of those comic fights that sticks in your head your whole life. Recently found this in an old UK reprint, and HAD to share it.

Not sure who the artist/writer were, mind. Any ideas?

"That Night…" pages from Marvel Fanfare #15 by Barry Windsor-Smith, July 1984

This isn’t the whole comic, which you should definitely seek out, but I’ve presented it here to give you a look at the one odd, lovely side-effect of reading Marvel UK reprints in the 80s: You got to see some pretty amazing artists’ work in clean black & white. When that artist is Windsor-Smith, it’s a total treat!

Edit to add: By the way, did everybody spot the indie comics cameo on these pages?

Foggy Nelson and the Black Widow, by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson.
From Daredevil #189

(via brianmichaelbendis)

Immortal Iron Fist by Brubaker/Fraction/Aja.

(via brianmichaelbendis)


10 years ago this month I started drawing Lost At Sea, my first graphic novel.

This is like the most tumblr picture ever though

(via kierongillen)

so a big easter egg in All New X-Men #6 is something i don’t think has ever been done before. a lot of the thoughts shown here were taken from x-men message boards a few months ago when X fans were worried about marvel now! my present to the die hard x-fans! see if you made the cut! 

and just like jean, you can all relax and empty your mind and let the world happen :)  

except a couple of the balloons are actually plot for an upcoming story!

(via brianmichaelbendis)

Young Avengers #1 preview!

Typically great & poppy kierongillen words, & hands down my favourite comic work Jamie McKelvie has done so far. Beautiful.

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