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Posts tagged dc

Batman Vs Terminator
By Mitchell Hammond, original concept by Tony Guerrero.

Pretty great.

"Strange Days"
This is pretty lovely. 75th Anniversary Batman animation from Bruce Timm.

Dark knight Returns recreation by Frank Cho.

Zatanna by Georgel-McAwesome


Made for gifs, really.


Made for gifs, really.

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Comic Con Paris 2012 Convention Sketch - Catwoman by mahmudasrar

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Poison Ivy by karioks


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Robin by Stephen Thompson / Blog

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Batman by Stuart Sayger

Batman by Stuart Sayger

Black Canary by Bruce Timm

V by davestokes:

Also I still have a couple of spots available for commissions for people attending Thought Bubble here in the UK this month.  Details here

This is pretty cool.

Batman 100 by Paul Pope

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Ubermensch by Geirrod van Dyke


From Enigma, this is one of my favourite sequences in comics. In terms of its use of word and image to deliver its effect, it’s vertiginous. 

(No pun intended. You just feel the world fall away here.)

I’m trying to work out a way to describe ENIGMA that doesn’t sound like faint praise. “Greatest Underappreciated Work in its genre” isn’t enough. A personal “Top 5 comics in its genre” is too mealy mouthed.

Of all the work that Vertigo put out in its nineties imperial phase, I think Enigma was the finest.

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