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Posts tagged nixsight

MOMBcast #143 

In our 143rd episode, James is absent, so Jane and Nick have a very pleasant conversation about comics.

Spotlight: Madame Xanadu vol 1 by Matt Wagner & Amy Reeder Hadley

(For some reason we’re only getting round to tell you about it now, though, because we am tardy.)

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MOMBcast #142 Supplemental - on movie reboots and all sorts of other movie shit 

In episode #142, Nick discussed the response to the Total Recall trailer, and the Amazing Spider-Man reboot. The conversation quickly went off the rails, and landed somewhere smack in the middle of the subject of all franchise adaptations EVER.

It ran way too long for the episode, so we are presenting it over on the site, for your pleasure!

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MOMBcast #142 

OH BY THE WAY MOMBcast #142 came out last Thursday. It’s awesome! Well, it’s okay. But we talk about comics, and James nearly dies WHILE WE’RE DOING THE SHOW. Which HAS to be a selling point.

Also, James struggles through one of his delightful Asterix spotlights. This time, Asterix And The Banquet!

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MOMBcast #140 - At least Jane finishes sentences.

  • JaneMOMB: But that's what I try to do. I don't... I like to form almost a coherent form of what... of... uh...
  • JamesMOMB: Which is strange, because you have a very different approach, um, to sentences.
  • JaneMOMB: Yes. At least I finish them, James.

MOMBcomics Review: Prometheus 

Waaay back on the 7th, when only people in the UK hated Prometheus, Nick wrote this incredibly long and butt-hurt review.

In fact, this film isn’t, despite the marketing and audience’s protestations, a science fiction movie by “Ridley Scott, director of Alien”, it’s the one made by the Scott who directed Blade Runner, and then went on to fine-tune a populist vision that – for the most part – he has thankfully stepped away from here.

You may or may not enjoy it, but you should certainly read it, because otherwise he will cry. After a week of almost constant discussion of the movie, he still mostly stands by everything written in it.

Particle Fiction Presents:
Ideasman! in:
Bruises On Infinite Jerks - Chapter One: The Spy Who Lamped Me

by David Wynne
(with Nicolas Papaconstantinou as co-writer)

MOMBcast 14

  • @nixsight: Is it chocolate? They like chocolate!
  • @janemomb: Who's THEY?
  • @jamesmomb: Women, of course!
They’re artists. They’re mavericks. They’re made of sterner stuff than us.
Nixsight, on comic artists, on #MOMBcast 24

MOMBcast 15 - Paranormal Teen Romance

  • @JamesMOMB: I think people who like that kind of thing find that it's the kind of thing they like.
  • @nixsight: I hate them.
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